Oh man, the last time I posted was in August.  Oy.  I really ought to just shut this down, but I really want to keep this mess up.  So the last time I wrote, I was in Mississippi and I ran at a running store event.   Z and I ended up going to Maine while we were in MS, which was awesome. And then we came home.  We drove to MS from CA, so of course, we had to drive back.  It is a long drive, let me tell you.  A long, long drive.  Ray does all of the driving, which means I get to read, sleep, and stare out the window, so I can’t really complain.  Or rather, I shouldn’t complain!

We stopped off at Cadillac Ranch on the way home.   We  had so much fun and we got to add to the art by spray painting our names on the cars.

Then we got back in the car and kept on driving.  We had to stay in one really sick hotel, because the La Quinta we wanted to stay at was booked, and all of the other hotels didn’t take dogs.    The photo below was taken in that hotel.  Poor, Z, she was so tired.  She really wanted to get breakfast at the hotel breakfast bar, but this was not that kind of a hotel.


Shortly after we returned home I began marathon training!  Or maybe I started while I was in MS?  I don’t know, it is all a blur to me right now.  I have some more posts coming.  About the half I did, and the two Ragnars.  And of course, the marathon training!  Today, I have speed training ahead of me, and I’m slightly nervous about it, because it is hard!  That crap ain’t easy! Okay, more in a bit, I hope!

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